Recording with Chris Ruest


We’ve had the pleasure of recording Chris Ruest from Austin, TX . We spent roughly 4 days last weekend recording his forthcoming album and I must say that it’s gonna come out truly great, “a bad ass album” as Chris himself put it.

We started every song from scratch and built from there, allthough Chris had some ideas for each song everyone contributed to the recording, so it’s really a team effort and cutting an album in 4 days ain’t that bad!

Chris is a Bluesman at heart and is constantly on the road in the U.S or over here in Europe.

He has been a resident of Texas for well over a decade. Already a serious student and lover of traditional blues and blues-oriented music, the singer-guitarist came up through Brian “Hash Brown” Calway’s band (justly regarded as the finishing school of choice for aspiring Dallas blues musicians), and has worked with many of the Lone Star State’s most important talents, including the great Ray Sharpe (“Linda Lu”).

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Chris Ruest_session