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What a response we recieved on the video by Mike Teardrop and their slap-bass, Country Boppin’  take on the Conway Twitty song “Don’t Go Too Far”. A song you’ll find on their forthcoming album.

I uploaded the video too Enviken Facebook on Februari 17 & by Sunday evening it had reached over 86.000 views, as I write this it has been viewed more than 153.000 times!

Watch the video here

For a small label like Enviken Records that deals with not so commercial music this is great numbers and I really find it a true joy to see that good music (yes, I’m a bit biased here :0) ) reaches it listeners.

With a driving Slap-bass, harmonies and a touch of good ol´Country music in there somewhere Mike Teardrop Trio  have formed a sound not present in many bands today, I truly believe that these cats will fill a void on our scene!

“Don’t Go Too Far” and a bunch of other great tracks will be featured on the album,

Now we offer everyone that pre-orders the album free shipping!

Don’t miss out on this oportunity!

Get Mike Teardrop Trio’s album here.



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