New 7″ by The Rockin’ Combs


The Rockin’ Combs cut some really cool tracks earlier this year and now two of them will be available on a 7″ vinyl. It’ll come on black vinyl and also a very limited edition on green vinyl. You can pre-order it now.

We get a cover of the Groovey Joe Poovey song “Move Around” and on the flipside we find a song written by Marcel Riesco (Truly Lover Trio) called “Pretending”

This is raw and unpolished Rockabilly straight from the heart just like it should be!

The band hails from Enviken/Svärdsjö so these are all local boys. We will soon continue recording more material so you bet there’ll be more from this band!

Now go get your copy of the limited edition on green vinyl before it’s too late!

7″ GREEN VINYL – Move Around / Pretending