Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings won first prize!

Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings

Congratulations to Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings!

It seems that these youngsters are on the right path.

They got the chance to enter the competition for best Rockabilly act at the annual Swedish Country Awards as another band was unable to participate just a few weeks prior to the the event.

And apparantly the audience liked what they heard as the band won the first prize and definetly became “the talk of the town”.

As stated in the article below “It’s been a great experience and we’re thrilled that we actually won. We just came here to have fun as it is hard to compete within music, everybody got a different taste ” – says the drummer Olle Back.

“We’re kinda primitive and play from our hearts, we like Rockabilly the way it was done in the 50’s” says singer Emil Staffansson aka Ed Cavin.

We’re truly looking forward to follow this band and see what the future may hold for them.

The weekender was a huge succes according to the organizers and it also had another Enviken artist on the bill as John Lindberg Trio headlined on Friday night.

Read article here, also featuring a short clip from their show:  http://www.dt.se/dalarna/malung-salen/rock-a-billy-som-fick-hogis-att-gunga-nar-country-sm-avgjordes