12″ VINYL – Del Rio Dan


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Phil Trigwell played in his first band in 1958, a skiffle band in London, UK. Love brought him to Sweden around ’71 and during the 80’s & 90’s he played in several rockabilly bands, where the best known is “Phil Trigwell & The Deputies”. Today he is a wellknown and respected musician troughout Europe. On this album Phil has recorded some of his own favourites that have given him inspiration over the years. When listening to these recordings one cannot believe that it’s all recorded in his own appartment in Stockholm (Sweden) on a porta studio. He plays all instruments and sings all vocals by himself. With a totally proffesional result. You’ll be surprised, when listening to this album, how well Phil performs all these different styles from legends such as Buddy Holly (Phil’s favourite), Tennessee Ernie Ford, Billy Fury and Eddie Cochran.

When asked in an interview how he managed to record all that by hiself in his own apartment, Phil answered: It wasn’t easy! My nextdoor neighbour once asked me “I keep hearing those strange noises coming from your room, like ‘Ah-Ah’, ‘Doo-Wah’ and ‘Heb-Heb ??” Well, I gave some excuse as I couldn’t really explain how hard it is doing background vocals on your own home recordings. He still looks at me strange to this day!

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