7″ Vinyl – Player / No Use But O’Well (Ltd ed. coloured vinyl)

Lily Locksmith

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– This limited edition of 500 copies on red vinyl is now sold out! –

Last year (2016) we released these two tracks digitally and also released a video to the song “Player” that became a huge success on Facebook!

We had fans asking for a vinyl 45 pretty much right away and now the time has finally come as we have just got them hot off the presses.

We are also releasing a new video for the song “No Use But O’Well”!


Watch video to “No Use But O’Well” Here!

Watch video to “Player” Here!


Lily Locksmith got the vibe and the feel from female Blues singers that ruled the clubs decades ago.


This gal is destined to be heard at countless clubs, bars and festivals in the years to come.

To my knowledge not many singers out there can deliver it like Lily Locksmith can, and I believe that once people get to know about her the word will spread like wildfire!


The song “Player” is a Nick Curran track and Lily pays her hommage to him with this version. On the flip we find “No Use But O´Well” this one is penned by Chris Ruest, a great Texas Bluesman that also happens to have been a close friend to Nick Curran and readers take note, stay tuned for Chris forthcoming album here on Enviken Records as it’s gonna be a killer!


So if you like some Rockin’ Blues that ain’t polished or played to death by all the notes on the fretboard this platter is for you. And be sure to not miss Lily Locksmith when she hits your town!


Oh, did I tell you it’s a limited edition – 500 copies on red vinyl!



Watch video to “No Use But O’Well” Here!

Watch video to “Player” Here!


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