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From 1998 to 2000 Jack Earls recorded several memorable tracks with The Sleazy Rustic Boys at Joe Allans Recording Service and Enviken Studios in Sweden. The latter were engineered by no one less that Riley McOwen, the original front man of the Sleazy Rustic Boys. The sound of this CD is as orginal as it gets. You can put Jack’s LP “Let’s Bop” (Bear Family LP 15273) with all his original Sun recordings on your record player, and when it finsihes, you can play this 2002 release right after and never know there’s a time-span of over 40 years between ’em. There are only 8 tracks on this CD, packed in a simple cardboard sleeve, but the music just says it all. All songs were written by Jack Earls himself. “When I Dream” being the only one that also appreared on “Let’s Bop” (first recorded 1956). The title song “Game of Love” and also “Coming back Home”, according to Colin Escott’s book “Sun Records, The Discography”, were apparently recorded first in 1957, but these orginal recordings were never released as far as I know. Maybe the master got lost or something, but now you have a chance to enjoy these songs at last, after only 45 years…

Thank you Jack, and thank you Enviken Records, for this wonderful release. A must for all Sun Records fans, and all rockers, rockabillies and collectors all over the world…

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