7″ Vinyl – The Enviken EP

The Enviken EP

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– Release April 19 –

Side A:

The Storm

Right Now


Side B:

Hound Dogs

I Won’t Share You


It was kinda ineviteable that FATBOY would someday end up in the Enviken Records studio.

Plans had been made for some time and finally, in 2022 plans came true.

FATBOY boasts a rich mixture of influences ranging from Faron Young, Stray Cats, Johnny Cash, Elvis and Roy Orbison to The Smiths, Tom Waits and The Cramps. The dreams of the fifties, country and rockabilly music is being challenged by equal amounts of contemporary pop and indie rock.

FATBOY puts their own spin on every tune they perform, original songs like “The Storm” and “Hound Dogs” bare the marks of all their influences, woven together to their signature sound and when they take on covers like “Right Now” wich is an old Mel Tormé song and “I Won’t Share You” originally by The Smiths they creat versions that’s both nostalgic and contemporary.

Both “The Storm” and “Right Now” has been released as digital singles and the latter soon became their most popular song on Spotify.

It has been some time since the bands latest physical release so we are shure this vinyl 7″ will be a most welcome addition to their fans collections.

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