About us


Like a flu spreading…

No one knows how many caught it & no one seems to wanna get cured !
Symptoms: You’ll get a silly smile on your face, you can’t be still, your heart starts a pounding & you don’t wanna go to bed allthough the sun is rising. The flu has my different names: Blues, Cajun, Ska, Punk, Rockabilly, etc.

-Alan Freed called it Rock & Roll!

Rockabilly is the base for Enviken Records, although anything that is ROCK & ROLL will find it’s place here & especially the music from Enviken & the surrounding areas.


About Enviken Records

Enviken Records was founded in 1997 by Patrik Staffansson and is named after the village where the label is located here in the heart of Sweden.

Since the start we have had releases with many fine artists, be it Rockabilly, Blues, Hillbilly or plain ol’ Rock & Roll, we care about music with roots. although we’re not afraid to break new grounds as long as we feel the music has “soul”.

Most of our releases are recorded in our own studio as we do have a thing for that analogue vibe. The studio has been developed to suit our taste and we have some of the finest ribbon and tube microphones to capture the sound on to tape.
(We do take on recording/mixing for other artists or labels if it fits our schedule, just contact us with your inquiery and we’ll try to work it out.)

Some of our releases has reached the charts and some hasn’t, some is in mono and some in stereo, some has sold plenty and some has sold less. No matter what, all of them is made with passion!

Demos & Submissions

If you are an artist & feels that your music fits our label you’re welcome to send your demo to:

Enviken Records
Box 8
79026 Enviken

As an artist please do consider that it’s rarely an artist or a band gets signed merely based on a demo, you need to get out there and build your act, fanbase and your music. Show your passion to the world!

Please do not send us MP3 files or download links, use streaming services (Soundcloud, Youtube etc.) We listen to everything we get but it is impossible to respond to all of the submissions we receive. So don’t be discouraged if you won’t hear from us, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like your music it may just not be a “fit”.