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New T-shirts in stock soon!!

– Pre-order before March 11 and get free shipping!! –

*** Ready to ship approx March 22 ***

We made some of these T-shirts for our artists awhile back and as they worn them on gigs and at other occasions people started to reach out to us, asking where to buy.

So I have just ordered a batch that is now available to pre-order in the webshop.

Free shipping for those of you that pre-order before March 11!

Check them out here

They will come in a few different variations and they’ll be in stock approx March 22.

Get yours here!

We do appreciate your support in our quest to spread real music by real people!

Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings debut album!

– Pre-order before the 19:th and get free shipping –

Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings debut album “Street Joint” will be released on May 19!

Watch video of the song “Jiggle Wiggle Walkin’ Baby” HERE

To selebrate this release they will appear live at the annual event “Enviksdagen” (more info here) here in Enviken, most likely around noon. Also appearing on stage are Mike Teardrop Trio!

Order your copy HERE!

These youngsters made an imediate impact back 2016 when we released a video for their version of the classic song ”Love Me”  originaly by The Phantom, as a result they got requests for gigs not only in Sweden but also around Europé and they sure went down a storm when they hit the stages.

In 2017 we released a limited edition 7” with the selfpenned track ”Don’t Be Like That” and the aforementioned ”Love Me” on the flipside. It further spread word about the band around the globe. And the 7” is now almost sold out.

Not bad for a couple of  local teenagers from the Enviken area that barely had a drivers license when they started out.

Now it is time to release their debut album and what an album it is!

”Street Joint” is filled with prime 50’s style rockin’ music delivered with that youthful enthusiasm just as it was back in the day.

16 tracks all in all, Fast paced rockers, midtempo boppers and a couple of slow numbers makes the album a treat. It is no doubt that this album will take the band to stages where they have never been before.

We get a selection of covers and original songs, allthough they sure have put their own mark on the covers, just listen to the Lightnin’ Hopkins song ”The Life I Used to Live” here turned into a SUN styled Rockabilly tune. Ring a bell?

So folks, jump on the bandwagon and support our local boys.

Order your copy today, follow them on Facebook, go see the band live when they hit your town AND do not forget to share/spread the word!

Got it!?

Order your copy HERE!

The Domestic Bumblebees on 7″ vinyl!

Last week I got back from the Spanish festival High Rockabilly and I brought a new cool 45rpm by The Domestic Bumblebees with me back home!


It was a pleasure both to attend and perform at this great festival again, I sure hope it wasn’t the last time.

Ten years ago The Domestic Bumblebees made a huge succéss at one of the festivals afternoon beach party gigs, they repeated that succéss this year as they made the tent at the beach almost explode!

In conjunction to this gig we recieved a brand new vinyl 7” by The Domestic Bumblebees.

This 7” was released during the festival by our friends at the Spanish label Sleazy Records.

It contains two songs from their latest album ”Cheater”: Mathilda & Summer Nights.

A limited edition of 500 copies is made and there’ll be no re-press.

We got some copies with us back home and they are now available in our webshop here.

But beware, when they are gone, they are gone…..

Get your copy here!

If you get our newsletter make sure to check your inbox as you got a cool offer for this platter waiting there 😉

Win Mike Teardrop Trio’s Album For Free!

Yep it’s true!
Now you can win Mike Teardrop Trio’s album “Hangin’ Around” for free!

It’s really easy, all you gotta do is to enter the competition here!!

We got a bunch of albums that are set aside to be sent to the lucky winners.

The competition will end July 31:st,  at 23.00 (11.00 p.m.).

So go ahead now and join in while you can before time is running out!

Join here.

Good luck!!


New JLT-merch in stock!

Yes, just in time for summer!

New cool Tank-Top’s, Hoodie’s, T-Shirt’s and College Jacket’s.


Yep! The webshop is loaded with new JLT merch!

You can get them directly from JLT at their gigs off course but if you ain’t got the possibility to catch them live in the near future it might be wise to place an order.
We won’t be making big quantities off these and we see that these items are moving fast at the band’s gigs.
Make sure to show the world that it comes “Straight From The Heart”.

Check them out here!

This gang is so good and Harmonica Sam is part of the Enviken family.

No, you’re right this is not an Enviken Records release but as Harmonica Sam is part of the Enviken family ever since we released his first album “Rocker #1” we felt that we need to support the man!

And as it ain’t that easy to ge a hold of these releases here in Sweden it’s a no-brainer really!

Well, it really doesnt matter where you live, if we can help spread the word to every corner of the planet than it’s just great!

These fellers delivers some of the best Honky Tonkin’ Country tunes I’ve heard in decades. They just make me proud being a Swede!

The new album from “The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam” called “A Drink After Midnight” will be in stock at the end of next week if the postal services keep their schedules. Hopefully no later than the 12:th of May, will ship sooner if possible!

It will be available on both Vinyl and CD and you can pre-order it in our webshop now.

And while we’re at it we will also stock some copies of their previous album “Open Letter To The Blues”

It is also available on both Vinyl & CD.

Now check out what Dale Watson says!

“Friends, and that’s what we are in this musical family in search of honest songs sung by honest singers backed by honest musicians. The Country Side of Harmonica Sam are honestly that REAL HONEST MUSIC.

I first became aware of them through the nominations for Honky Tonk Band for The Ameripolitan Awards. I loved their music from the get go, but the awards are only for Ameripolitan fans to decide.

Well, they agreed with me and now the band is certainly a major part of the Ameripolitan Family, Original Music with Prominent Roots Influence.

Harmonica Sams vocals on True Lies are reminiscent of Webb Pierce crossed with Wynn Stewart. The band is tight and confident and settle around Sam’s vocals like warm whiskey. Their originals are such natural progressions, drawn directly from their musical influences, yet obviously make their own individual sound and style.

That’s HONEST. So sit back and get ready to take a musical journey reminiscent of yesterday and straight into the very bright future of….. The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam”  // Dale Watson

Once again, I’m proud to offer this music to you folks, some of you may not like Country music but that’s just the way it is, we all have our musical preferances but if I can make only one of you discover a new favourite artist than I’m happy!

Get them here!


Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings won first prize!

Congratulations to Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings!

It seems that these youngsters are on the right path.

They got the chance to enter the competition for best Rockabilly act at the annual Swedish Country Awards as another band was unable to participate just a few weeks prior to the the event.

And apparantly the audience liked what they heard as the band won the first prize and definetly became “the talk of the town”.

As stated in the article below “It’s been a great experience and we’re thrilled that we actually won. We just came here to have fun as it is hard to compete within music, everybody got a different taste ” – says the drummer Olle Back.

“We’re kinda primitive and play from our hearts, we like Rockabilly the way it was done in the 50’s” says singer Emil Staffansson aka Ed Cavin.

We’re truly looking forward to follow this band and see what the future may hold for them.

The weekender was a huge succes according to the organizers and it also had another Enviken artist on the bill as John Lindberg Trio headlined on Friday night.

Read article here, also featuring a short clip from their show:

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