12″ Vinyl – Made For Rock N Roll

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Free shipping extended up until April 24!
Release date April 21.

Finally, JLT’s album Made For Rock N Roll is available on vinyl!!

We know that a lot fans have been waiting for this!!

Includes the track “Bye Bye Love” that previously only has been available on streaming services.

Limited edition 1000 copies on GOLD vinyl!

1. Runaway Train

2. Why Don’t You Dance

3. Don’t Fade Away

4. This Old Guitar

5. A Young Girls Heart

6. Living In A Dream

7. Bye Bye Love

8. Cruel Summer Night

9. To The Rockabilly Beat

10. It Takes Time

11. Right Next To You

12. Wheels Of Fortune

13. Top Of The World

14. Independence Day

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Weight 220 g
Dimensions 31.5 × 31.5 × 0.5 cm

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